Destined | Economic Development

Destined has been working with Local Government around Australia to provide tools to support Economic Development teams.

These tools:

  • Can immediately support local businesses trying to remain open by introducing them to new customers 
  • Provide Council with the ability to understand their business landscape and scale up support for local businesses in the coming months
  • Provide long term support for your Economic Development teams in attracting businesses and investors into your region, managing your existing businesses and supporting future growth

The challenge we can help you with right now: 

  • Many businesses do not have a database of customers, they do not have digital sales set up, they do not have tools to mass market
  • Councils have a massive database of potential customers but do not have permission to market to them
  • We can help you quickly pull these groups together connecting local residents to businesses and suppliers - and help keep people in business

The challenge when we start to recover will include:

  • Ability to build a thorough and complete picture of what is happening in your business community
  • Collating this into a central system that can enable segmentation for analysis and better more targeted communication will be key
  • Rapidly scaling up your own economic development activity in regards to your region will also be important

The Platform we can help introduce now will not only be helpful in these areas in the short to medium term but will deliver for you a long term suite of tools for your work in Economic Development.

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